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1.General Business

a: What are your Product Warranty Terms?
b: What are your Shipping Terms?
c: What are your Payment Terms?
d: Do you offer price breaks for larger order quantities?
e: Can I get a sample of your product for evaluation before ordering?
f: How does Grayline support the maquiladoras?
g: What are Grayline's manufacturing lead times?
h: What are Grayline's supllier requirements?


a: Do you provide IMDS submissions?
b: What is RoHS and is Grayline’s tubing compliant?
c: What is REACH and does Grayline's tubing contain any REACH SVHC's?

3.Manufacturing Capabilities

a: Can Grayline manufacture custom diameters and wall thicknesses?
b: Do you offer custom color matching services?
c: Can Grayline provide me with small quantities of custom colors or sizes of heat shrinkable POLYOLEFIN tubing?
d: Will Grayline cut tubing to length for me?
e: Can Grayline print and/or hot stamp on their tubing?
f: Can Grayline shape, or heat form, tubing for me?
g: Can Grayline extrude any non-circular profiles?
h: Can you manufacture tapered tubing?
i: Can Grayline provide special packaging?
j: Will Grayline perform subassembly work for me?
k: Does Grayline offer multiple tubes bonded together, side by side?

4. Miscellaneous

a: I currently apply heat shrinkable tubing over a cylindrical substrate before using a flow-through oven to shrink it down; are there any cost-effective alternatives for me to consider?
b: What if I want to use additional adhesive on my adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing, or want to use adhesive with PVC heat shrink tubing?
c: Can you explain Grayline's part numbering system?

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