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Grayline has been manufacturing flexible polymer tubing since 1966! Our roots are in the wiring harness and electrical tubing markets, but over the years we have expanded our product offerings to include fluid transfer products such as chemical resistant tubing, food & beverage tubing, medical tubing, fuel & oil resistant tubing, and pneumatic & hydraulic tubing. We also find that our flexible tubing products, both heat shrinkable and non-heat shrinkable, are used in a wide range of other applications to bundle objects together… protect items from abrasion or from the environment… thermally insulate a component… improve the appearance of an article… or color-code, identify or mark something.

Grayline offers over 100 different types of tubing products, in a wide range of sizes and colors. Many Grayline products are engineered to meet various industry standards including UL/CSA, ASTM, AMS, Automotive, Military, EU Directives, USP, NSF and FDA. As a manufacturer, our Engineering staff can work directly with you to develop custom products that are optimized for your exact application. Color matching, specially formulated materials, individualized diameters and wall thicknesses, cut to length parts, in-line printing, hot stamping, heat forming and our many other custom services are all benefits of buying from Grayline.

Grayline has customers located throughout North America and in Asia and Europe as well.

Price, Quality and Delivery - those are the foundations of any top supplier. Grayline is proud of our short lead times and 99.9% on time shipping record. Grayline's excellent product quality is demonstrated by our customer concern rate of less than one-half of a percent - less than one in 200 shipments results in a customer having to contact us with an issue.

Grayline welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate to you why many corporations, both large and small, choose Grayline as their supplier and reward us with supplier recognition awards. Grayline is committed to providing the best overall value in the marketplace!

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