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Grayline MELT-WRAP is a polyamide hot-melt adhesive that is ideal for use in:

  • heat shrinkable PVC tubing applications
  • heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing applications in which extra adhesive is desired
  • applications in which adhesive is only desired at one or both ends of the tubing.

Supplied in the form of a flat strip measuring 2" wide and 0.012" thick (50mm wide and 0.3mm thick, MELT-WRAP can easily be cut to the required size using a scissors or automated cutting equipment. The adhesive strip is then wrapped around or between the wires or other substrate to be sealed, prior to installing a length of heat shrinkable tubing (either PVC or polyolefin) over the wrap. Application of heat causes the tubing to shrink and the adhesive to melt and flow, forming an environmental seal. The adhesive readily bonds to PVC, polyolefin, and EVA, as well as bare copper and aluminum.

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MELT-WRAP is not recommended for use with Fluoropolymer substrates such as PVDF, (Kynar), PTFE (Teflon), and FEP.

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