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Heat-formed tubing

various colored tubing

Coiled tubing

printed and hot stamped tubing

striped tubing Grayline tubing is not just for use in electrical applications or for transferring fluids. Over the years, Grayline has manufactured and supplied tubing for use in a wide variety of applications on land, in the air and under the sea. Our tubing products have found use in musical instruments, sporting goods…even women's clothing!

Grayline tubing can be used to:

  • bundle objects together
  • protect items from abrasion or from the environment
  • electrically or thermally insulate a component
  • improve the appearance of an article
  • color-code, identify or mark an object

In many applications, one of our current products will meet your requirements. In those special applications that may benefit from a unique solution, our engineers will work with our polymer compounders to develop an optimum material for you.

Custom Services

Grayline offers our customers the following services:

  • Cutting Tubing to Length
  • Custom Colors
  • Printing on tubing
    • Ink Jet Printing
    • Hot Stamping
  • Heat Formed Tubing
    • 2-dimensional shapes
    • 3-dimensional shapes
    • Coils
    • Flared ends
  • Slitting Tubing
  • Custom Profile Extrusion
    • Tubing with Internal or External Splines
    • Multi-lumen Extruding
    • Non-tubing profiles
  • Assembling Tubing to Fittings, Components
  • Thermally Bonded Tubing (tube to tube, tube to wire)
  • Striping
  • Hole punching

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