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1. Extrusion of Polymer Tubing

2. Heat Shrinkable Tubing
a. Making Extruded Tubing Heat Shrinkable b. Shrink ratio c. Longitudinal Shrinkage d. Inside Diameter and Wall Thickness e. PVC vs. Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable Tubing f. Available Colors g. Adhesive Lined (Dual Wall) Heat Shrinkable Tubing h. Printing and Hot Stamping i. Electrical and Wiring Harness Applications j. Non-Electrical Applications k. Storage and Shelf Life l. Cost Comparison of Heat Shrink Materials

3. Non-Heat Shrinkable Tubing
a. Tubing Geometry b. Fluid Transfer Applications c. Electrical & Wiring Harness Applications d. Other Tubing Applications e. Storage and Shelf Life

4. Selecting a Material for Your Application
a. PVC and Polyolefin Considerations b. Halogen-Free Tubing c. Non-DEHP and Phthalate-Free Tubing d. ROHS Compliant Tubing e. REACH Compliant Tubing f. Industry Specifications g. Material Cost Comparisons

5. Tubing Options, Custom Services Offered by Grayline
a. Cut to Length Tubing b. Customer Diameters and Wall Thicknesses c. Custom Color Matching d. Special Tolerances e. Printing, Hot Stamping f. Heat Forming or Shaping of Tubing g. Non-Circular Profiles h. Tapered Tubing i. Applying Tubing Directly to a Substrate j. Tube-to-Tube Bonding k. Special Packaging, Labels

6. Common Electrical Tubing Specifications
a. UL224/CSA C22.2 No. 198.1 b. ASTM D922 c. ASTM D3150 d. Ford ES-2U5A-1A263-AA e. Ford ESB-M4D103-A f. MIL-I-631 g. JIS C 2410-1975 h. SAE-AMS-I-7444 i. SAE-AMS-DTL-23053 j. FMVSS302

7. Common Medical/Food & Beverage Tubing Specifications
a. NSF/ANSI 51 b. NSF/ANSI 61 c. USP Class IV d. FDA Title 21, Chapter 1 e. 3A 18 Sanitary Standard f. 3A 20 Sanitary Standard

8. Common Braided Sleeving Specifications
a. NEMA TF1 b. NEMA TF2 c. MIL-Y-1140 d. MIL-I-3190 e. UL 1441/CSA C22.2 No. 198.3

9. Common Environmental Specifications Applicable to Tubing
a. EU Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV - End of Life Vehicles) b. EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances c. EU Directive 2006/1907/EC (REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) d. California Prop 65 e. Conflict Minerals

10. Measuring Tubing
a. Measuring ID/OD b. Measuring Wall Thickness c. Measuring Cut Length d. Roundness of Tubing

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