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Non-Heat Shrinkable Tubing
a. Tubing Geometry b. Fluid Transfer Applications c. Electrical & Wiring Harness Applications d. Other Tubing Applications e. Storage and Shelf Life

Non-Heat Shrinkable Tubing

The applications for flexible, non-heat shrinkable tubing are virtually endless and it is available in a wide array of polymer materials, including PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, fluoropolymers, rubbers, and silicone.

a. Tubing Geometry

Grayline tubing products are available in a wide range of sizes. Tubing is most often specified by the inside diameter (ID) and wall thickness, but in certain applications, the outside diameter (OD) may also be critical.

Standard ASTM sizes have been established for non-heat shrinkable tubing. Some of these sizes are expressed as a number (for example, #24), while others are expressed as a fraction (for example, 1/4").

It should be noted that fractional ASTM sizes indicate the minimum ID that the tubing will have. Normal manufacturing tolerances must be added to that minimum. For example, if ASTM 1/4" tubing is specified, the ID will be between 0.250" and 0.270".

In contrast, a decimal size specification indicates the target for the ID. Normal manufacturing tolerances must be added to that target. For example, if tubing with an ID of 0.250" is requested, the targeted ID is 0.250", and the tubing will have an ID between 0.240" and 0.260".

Grayline also has custom ID, OD and wall thickness capabilities for those customers with applications having special requirements.

Certain minimum wall thicknesses are required for tubing to successfully pass specific electrical testing requirements. Specifying a wall thickness that is thinner than this minimum will not allow the tubing to meet these electrical testing specifications.
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b. Fluid Transfer Applications

Grayline flexible tubing products are suitable for transferring a wide range of fluids. Some of the product categories that we offer include chemical resistant tubing, food & beverage tubing, medical tubing, fuel & oil resistant tubing, pneumatic tubing & hydraulic tubing. If your specific fluid transfer application is not listed above, please contact Grayline for assistance.

Materials used for fluid transfer tubing include PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, various fluoropolymers, rubbers, and silicone.

For higher pressure fluid transfer applications, a reinforced hose may be required. Grayline offers a variety of hose products having fiber braid reinforcement, semi-rigid polymer reinforcement, or steel/stainless steel reinforcement. Reinforcement may be either internal or external to the tubing wall, and we also offer over-braiding of non-reinforced hose.

Grayline fluid transfer tubing meets the requirements of various industry standards, including USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Class VI, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) 51 and 61, FDA Food & Drug Administration) Title 21 and 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. Grayline also offers non-phthalate fluid transfer products.

Various Grayline medical tubing products are designed to be sterilized using Gamma radiation, ETO (ethylene oxide), or autoclave processes.

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c. Electrical & Wiring Harness Applications

Flexible tubing is frequently used in wiring harnesses and other electrical applications to bundle, electrically insulate and environmentally protect wires and other electrical components. For use in these applications, Grayline flexible tubing is specifically designed to meet the rigorous specifications of UL/CSA (Underwriters Laboratories/Canadian Standards Association), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), AMS (Aerospace Material Specification), EU (European Union), and various Automotive and Military Specifications.

For a list and explanation of common tubing related specifications, click here.

For exact product specifications met, please click here for Grayline's Tubing Selection Guide or see our individual product data sheets.

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d. Other Tubing Applications

In addition to fluid transfer and electrical applications, flexible non-heat shrinkable polymer tubing is often used to provide:

  • Bundling of loose items
  • Mechanical protection from abrasion, cutting, chipping, peeling, scuffing or denting
  • Cushioning from impact
  • Strain relief
  • Thermal insulation
  • Protection from environmental moisture, contaminants, UV light, chemicals, oxidation or corrosion
  • Improved aesthetic appearance, including a glossy or matte finish, vibrant colors including neon and "Glow-in-the-Dark" colors, or clear coverings
  • Marking & identification by color coding or the addition of printing to indicate part or model numbers, company name, logo or contact information, safety warnings, instructions for use, or date of manufacture

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e. Storage and Shelf Life

No special storage considerations are necessary for non-heat shrinkable tubing products, including PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, fluoropolymers, rubbers, silicone and braided fiberglass sleeving. In general it is best to store these products in a cool dry location and away from exposure to sunlight.

The shelf life of our flexible PVC products is indefinite assuming storage conditions are relatively cool and dry. Prolonged exposure to a warm humid environment can cause hydrolysis in some of our materials. Also, UV exposure can degrade the properties as well as exposure to fluids that may extract plasticizer out of the compound such as hydrocarbon solvents, fuels, or lubricants (unless the product is specifically designed to resist these fluids). A basic inspection of the product is a good indication of whether it has sustained any damage due to poor storage conditions. The product should not have discolored, stiffened, or become gummy on the surface. In general, if the tubing looks and feels like normal, then it will perform like normal.
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