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Choosing the Right Heat Shrink Product for the Job - A User's Guide to Heat Shrink Tubing

View Whitepaper-pdf This paper explains everything you need to know about heat shrinkable tubing including how to choose the proper size and material for your application, cost comparisons of materials and how to use heat shrink tubing.


Peristaltic Pump Tubing-Material Selection

View Whitepaper-pdf This Whitepaper discusses the performance of various tubing materials in peristaltic pumps and how to choose the one that right for your application.


Common Regulatory Specifications Encountered with Flexible Tubing

View Whitepaper-pdf An overview of the commonly used specifications that apply to flexible plastic tubing in the electrical insulation, medical and food & beverage industries.


Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance of Polyethylene

View Whitepaper-pdf An examination of environmental stress cracking failure in various forms of Polyethylene.

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