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Grayline wire harness electrical tubing

In 1966, Grayline began manufacturing flexible PVC tubing designed specifically for use in wire harnesses and other electrical applications. We soon expanded our product offerings to include heat shrinkable PVC, heat shrinkable polyolefin, and non-heat shrinkable tubing made from a variety of polymer materials, as well as braided fiberglass sleeving and expandable sleeving. Grayline electrical grade tubing products meet the requirements of various industry standards, including UL/CSA, ASTM, AMS, Automotive, Military and EU Directives.

When used in wiring harnesses or other electrical applications, Grayline tubing serves to electrically insulate, bundle and protect wires and other components. Heat shrinkable tubing products also provide an environmental seal to prevent liquid, gaseous or solid contaminants from reaching sensitive components.

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