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Grayline is pleased to announce the addition of two new chemically resistant PVC tubing products to our lineup.

Grayline CX65-PVC is a non-toxic, laboratory grade flexible PVC tubing that is chemically resistant to many common fluids, including bleach, sulfuric acid and nitric acid, to name but a few. The material is soft (65 Durometer Shore A) and very flexible, allowing tight curvature bends and easy placement over barbed fittings. In addition, all ingredients used in CX65-PVC are FDA sanctioned for use in food contact applications. With an operating temperature range of -45 C to 60 C (-49 F to 140 F) and an elongation of 375%, Grayline CX65-PVC offers an alternative to TYGON tubing. CX65-PVC is lead free and meets various EU Directives.

Grayline CX85-PVC chemically resistant tubing is made from a harder, stiffer compound (85 Durometer Shore A) that resists kinking and grips tightly over barbed fittings. In addition, antifungal additives and hydrolysis-resistant stabilizers make this material ideal for use in moist environments. The operating temperature range is -35 C to 80 C (-31 F to 176 F) and the elongation is 330%. CX85-PVC is also lead free and meets various EU Directives.

In addition to these products, Grayline also offers custom tubing designed to meet the specific needs of your application, including special compound formulations to provide the chemical and mechanical properties required, custom diameters and wall thicknesses, and a variety of colors, including custom-matched shades.

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